Our weaves are chosen by internationally acclaimed architects, interior designers and galleries and are featured in some of the most exclusive residential and commercial interiors around the world.

Much of our work is confidential and behind closed doors. Below a selection of projects our clients are happy for us to share.

Thierry Lemaire, Byron Chair

Thierry Lemaire, Mekah Armchair
FE KAROO Cent Seize (FK.116)

Achille Salvagni, Alcyone sofa
PHINDA RÉ Dix Huit (PR.018)

Achille Salvagni, Milano chair
PHINDA RÉ Trente Deux (PR.032)

Wall panels in woven textile

Jessica Gersten
FE KAROO Cent Quatre (FK.104)

Achille Salvagni
INDI OR Cinq Cent Quatre-Vingt (IO.580)

Bryan O’Sullivan

Achille Salvagni, Gae chair
PHINDA RÉ Douze (PR.012)

Brian McCarthy
PHINDA RÉ Vingt-neuf custom

H Gallery
PHINDA RÉ Douze (PR.012)

Bismut & Bismut
FE KAROO Cent Deux (FK.102)

Fox Nahem

Willer Gallery, Caste
PHINDA RÉ Vingt-Trois (PR.023)

Custom made headboard in woven fabric

Toyine Sellers
PHINDA RÉ Quatorze (PR.014)

Willer Gallery, Nyack Dining by Caste
FE KAROO Cent-six (FK.106)

Stewart Manger – Ruhlman Chair
FE KAROO Cent Quatre (FK.104)

Fox Nahem
Custom fabric

Oitoemponto, Puzzle screen
FE KAROO Cent Six (FK.106)

PHINDA RÉ Deux (PR.002)

Sofa with custom made embroidered textile

Wesley Moon
FE KAROO Cent Un (FK.101) with custom embroidery

Kara Mann
SPIRIT OF IO.560 custom

Laure Demetrio Interiors

Bismut & Bismut
FE KAROO Cent Onze (FK.111)

Charles Zana
FE KAROO Cent (FK.100)

Brian McCarthy woven leather

Brian McCarthy
INDI OR Cinq Cent Cinquante (IO.550)

Caroline Rafferty
PHINDA RÉ Seize custom

JP Custom Upholstery, Cosi Sofa
FE KAROO Cent-Six (FK.106)

Oitoemponto – Puzzle chair
PHINDA RÉ Vingt (PR.020)