Born in South Africa to European parents, Toyine Sellers grew up a child of the world living in Africa, North America and South America. Her nomadic experiences imprinted an observance of the natural world and a curiosity for colours and textures, which she integrates into her work.

After designing high-end interiors for twenty years, Toyine’s passion shifted to material design. During her tenure at Peter Marino Architects in New York – where she helped create the interiors of luxury brand boutiques Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Dior – she discovered a world of skilled and passionate artisans. She also developed her talent for creating new and innovative materials with them.

Having decided to focus on weaving and textiles, in 2010 she discovered an old atelier in France on the verge of closure. Taking over the premises and enlisting the team of skilled artisans, she established her own atelier and founded the brand TOYINE. Her control over every aspect of production means she is able to ensure exclusivity, quality and timely delivery.

Toyine Sellers is the heart and creative mind behind this artistic atelier and conceives her fabrics as individual works of art, from their creation to the final composition. She believes that textiles should achieve more than accents within a space. When uniquely designed, they bridge art and architecture.

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